13/9 – khamis

8.30am – meeting as usual
9.30am – finish all the reports etc..
1.00pm – exit office.. explore a while
2.00pm – went to nilai’s school.  Pray 1st.. Meet ustz kamil discuss about camp..
5.00pm – stop discussion.. prayed.. back to mantin.. stop at cc..
               send email to akhi nordin..all MT ukhwah.com etc..
7.00pm – housemate already cooked meal for open fasting.. =) thank’s my fren..
Azan maghrib.. buke pose together… ate kurma.. then pray maghrib..
Next.. ate nasi.. etc.. solat isyak + terawih + tadarus..

Alhamdulillah.. dpt meraikan detik awal Ramadhan kareem…