salam alaik.. kalamku berbicara.. ingin ku MoNolog suatu kisah yg terjadi smlm 16 mei 08’ amat busy lagi sangt busy till lupe nk wish happy teachers day pada cikgu2..huhu.. dh lwt ptg baru igt..
xpela.. I’ll publish versi wishes lps ni 😉
I handle one kes today morning. Student from penang reached kolej by yesterday evening. By 9.30am, regist time. Before that I hv settle all the documents. But then, I know already this kes too kritikal.too difficult but my bOSS pas to me to handle..
Ptg smlm, quite busy settle all the things. Photostat je take around half an ahour..Since Monday to Thursday. Every 5.30pm have meting.5.30-6.30pm meeting huhu…Everthing bOOs wanna know the update decisions.Khamis ptg.. after meeting meet team ukhwah legenda..discussion a bit.. then back home.. open fasting..
after yassin rushing to dewan kuliah.. listened to forum KAu INsan TERistimewa.. sempena HAri IBU.. talk by mr norazman..ketua kaunselor MAINS.. Best pengisiannye..hehe..mmg tak kering gusi… 😉
Back to the story up there.. this student & parent standby to interview by 9.45am. but her brother payslips didn’t get yet. I told to her yesterday already..plz fax..plx fax.. but..So, waiting the fax receive…I call the person who incharge loan potion to gv some explanation..Bla..bla.. applicant 1st.. fail to make loan. Waiting d abang payslips,
tak kesampaian lagi.. while fax.. blur je papers tu.. mak student ni dah sedu sedan.. I have no choice.. I explain n try helps as I can.. hampir-hampir I no idea.. then, my boss said.. suruh abang tu p cc scan and email the payslips.Waiting till noon. Then, I ajak this family to have lunch 1st.. then.. 1.30pm, come back to my office.. too tired.. sleep a while dlm bilikku.. by 2.15pm.. pray zohor.. moga ada jalan utk settle this kes..
By 3pm.. check again the email.. ok.. got.. but.. huhuhu..blur juge… I try my best to dark it..Last.. ok laa.. can see but must open BIG eyes…hihii.. by.3.30pm.. turun bawah.. meet again the mum & dad.. Bla..bla.. call back the bank officer.. but.. can’t make loan, how.. I have no more solution to solve.. I meet manager incharge banking unit… ask the suggestions etc.. then,, try last meet one more manager.. mr wan kamil.. at last he explained and slow talk to mum & dad.Bla..bla..bla.. so, they back home.. think..think..think the way..
Too sad this kes.. imagine that student wanna study getting MARA loan. But then,other loan side.. FAILed… (^-^) I have try my best.. I surrender already sir.. everything da prepared.. mai jauh.. nun penang.. tapi, kena back cam tu je…. Huhuhu.. too sad..
My boss call.but I just let the call shbt ukhwah.. bukhori.. have some chat to plan for JK..bla..bla.. insyaallah.. we’ll plan soon. Naik atas.. meet my kliks.. bla…bla.. ok, jom back home.. I’m too tired.. reached at home.. solat.. gotong royong time..dh lama xmengemas rumah ni.. every weekend busy, bersama-sama housemates mengemas RUmahku…
7.30pm.. maghrib.. by8++ dinner.. by9++ sleepy.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Wake up back by12..tunaikan kewajiban..erm.. hope the decision trip to penang still the same person.. if I kena p… huh.. sure rush back.preview on 2pm-6pm at Methodist boy school at penang Iceland…so, from penang if they stay.. sure I get the bus to rush back KL..Erm.. insyaallah.. hope I tak kena p…yea!!
Petang o malam masa utk mengONLinekan diri……Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. biiznillah..
I’ll pen off here. May ALLAh bless me.. may Allah show me the way…