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Determined Realist: Career

As a Determined Realist, you are one of the extroverted personality types. You enjoy working in a team as a colleague or a team leader. Because you have an outgoing nature, you approach others easily and openly working in solitude by yourself would be punishment for you. You know how to appreciate a harmonic working climate, but the relationship to your colleagues is not as important to you as to some of the other personality types. For you, the task always comes first and your colleagues and/or superiors are second. As long as everybody is working as disciplined and determined as you are, everything is just fine.

However, if you sense that the work is suffering from irrelevant disputes or private matters that have nothing to do with the job, you have no problem expressing your criticism, and making your team toe the line. It would never occur to you to sacrifice a good result in your work on the altar of personal moods, or in favor of a conflict free environment. On the other hand, you are one of the personality types who is best at handling criticism, and swallow negative feedback without brooding or sink into depression. Consequently, you also can hold your ground in professions where the climate is a little rougher and more competition oriented.

You are an excellent organizer, and a genius at planning and maintaining a workflow that is precise and on time. You enjoy dealing with details and facts, developing rules and guidelines, and establishing standards. Here, your natural sense for systematic and love of order prove to be advantageous; as well as your acute aptitude to see the most efficient of all possible approaches.

Where your work is concerned, “reliability” is your second name. You have a real problem leaving things to chance, and you hate nothing more than when something unexpected happens, thus throwing your carefully laid plans into chaos without warning. When a project you conceived is implemented without any hiccups and is brought to a good end, this is your greatest joy. It is a good idea not to be looking for an unstructured environment where constant flexibility and continual re-organizing are the order of the day.

A certain measure of work schedule stability, reliability and predictability should be given, as well as the guaranteed availability of necessary resources. However, you have no problem dealing with considerable pressure where your performance requirements are concerned. Your spirit, infectious energy, and perseverance, permit you to welcome challenges and easily deal with them. A little action and variety are important ingredients of your ideal job, as well. Endless and identical procedures and people quickly bore your inquisitive and quick mind.



Determined Realist: Love

Your personality type belongs to the most loyal and most faithful types. Even though you are able to fall in love head over heels if the stars are properly aligned, recklessness in dealing with your feelings, and those of others, is totally foreign to you. A relationship is a very important obligation for you. You take it very seriously, and give it a very important place in your life. You are not scared off with sentences like “until death does us part”; on the contrary.

Security, responsibility, and stability are very important to you, and you strive for a permanent personal relationship. For that reason, you are very comfortable in the established traditions such as marriage and family. Once you make a promise, one can be sure that you’ll do everything in your power to keep it, and this especially applies to matters of love. Especially in the “tough days” of a marriage, you turn out to be your partner’s invaluable harbor. You expect the same from him/her. Unfaithfulness and flightiness are going to hurt you more than most other types. Just remember that when the time comes to choose a partner, because not all personality types are as consistent as you need your partner to be.

Determined Realists like you are well grounded, and are much too sober and smart to think that in a long-term relationships, everything is going to be rosy. You are aware that highs and lows are a part of love and life, and difficult times are not going to make you unsure or discouraged. Instead of unending passion, trust, and a deep and continuing friendship between you and your partner are important to you because you know that these feelings are better suited to weather the turbulence of everyday life. Your contribution to the relationship primarily are continuity, and absolute devotion to your partner and your family. Your sense of purpose, and your need to take charge are also evident in the way you deal with your partner. You are probably the organizer, manage most of everyday life, and are in charge of your social contacts as a couple or family, as well. This does not mean that you want to be particularly dominating; you just have a pretty good notion of how things are supposed to work, and you just implement them without hesitation.


eheheh.. iye ke related & conection dgn ss  😉 ahakss.. segala puji-pujian hanya utkNya.. yg weaknes itu lah perlu dinaiktarafkan melalui proses anjakan paradigma lalu memobilasikan integriti..hehe.. ayat bombastikkss btui hihi.

** Rashid Ganoushi, pemimpin gerakan Islam al-Nahdah, Tunisia pernah menyebut, bahawa kesilapan paling besar gerakan Islam ialah adalah ketidaksediaan atau keberatan untuk bermuhasabah dan dimuhasabah..  (memetik kalam shbt..)