THERE were no clues at first. No clues to the story of the Year Six dropout who made it good. But there he was, 25-year-old Abdullah Omar, clutching his award and certificate that pronounced him winner of the Tun Dr Mahathir UPM-ELS Scholarship award.

Abdullah, a kampung boy who started out with almost no proficiency in English, managed to achieve the highest band (Band 9) in the ELS examinations after just one year of study on the scholarship scheme provided.

He seemed overwhelmed by all the attention he was receiving, but as he began to tell his story, there were instances where flashes of remembrance showed in his eyes.

Perhaps he was thinking about the one-room plank enclosure he called a home, back in Kelantan all those years ago: the hard wooden floor where he sat cross-legged with his parents, four sisters and two brothers, each waiting in turn to pick at the single ikan kembung (mackerel) which served as their midday meal.

And that was on good days, when his father made enough on his bread rounds. On other days, it was just rice with whatever vegetables his mother could forage from the straggly patch behind their house.

Perhaps he was thinking of his mother, too, as she was now in the advanced stages of cancer, struggling this time for her life. But there is no bitterness in his voice as he tells me all this.

“They gave me everything they could afford, so I cannot complain. There were families that had less.”

“And what about school?” I ask him, hoping that at least a trace of a clue for his success lay here.

“It was okay,” he says, with an unassuming smile.

“Just okay? Any special memories? Teachers who inspired you?”

”Mathematics and English were my worst subjects,” he says with a grin.

“I was constantly failing both and I really didn’t like the teachers. Probably they didn’t like me very much either.”

He pauses for a moment…. to be continue.. read here 😉

sucess is not a destination.. but a journey. so, u want it.. u got IT laa !! go..go caiyok. 😉