Kun fayakun… itulah KALAM MAHA PENCIPTA, MAHA MENGETAhui. April & Mei tampaknye tertulis dlm riwayat ss mengSPIESkan diri.

Bermula dgn mewakilkn Timb.Rektor ke Meetg Pembangunan Modal Insan-SPIES d SUK ptghn April. Dismbung dgn ke Kem SPIES utk LEADER-Nisa’ Selangor.. disusuli dgn SPIES ADVANCE 10-12 Mei 2011. Also last week received one memo for SPIES AKRAB SIRI I. but then, I choose SPIES ADVANCE. Coz team MAIS AKRAB yg lain, sume pakat nk p next SIRI II. So, okey decide to go SPIES ADVANCe @ BlueWave.ShahAlam.

I learned many things. I’ll jot down some Principles that i learn. Looks like this entry quite different from last n previous entry..WHY? hehehe, becoz ther speaker @ motivator  created the VALUE- Mr Sharif –foreigner person..at last he revert to ISLAM, masyaALLAH! Marvelous story about him.

Lets read n adapt all the VALUE  that I got from SPIES Advance :

  1. Quality of my LIFE – Quality of COMMUNICATION
  2. The meaning of my COMMUNIcation – RESPON
  3. TIME is ACTIOn
  4. Control PRINCILPE 


ii)                   My BELIEF SHAPES my THINKING, my THINKING shapes my ACTIONS. ACTION I repeatedly do will shape my HABITS. My HABITS will shape my FUTURE!


  1. A HERO- ordinary people with EXTRAORDINARY COMMITMENT.
  2. The more we KNOW, we KNOW we don’t know.
  3. I CREATE my OWN QUALITY – I’m in control of my MIND – HEART-BODY-RESULTS.
  4. I SHAPE my character, my CHARACTER shape my FUTURE!!

Alhamdulillah, I’m the CHOOSen ONE between of staff in KUIS. The unique about us –team KUIS, majority the participant are academiction people – deputy dean, head of departments, head of programmes. But then, we all as simple-simple staff 😉

1 modul the last night, I had been joined before at TBC, PD Team Building of Faculty. 😉  furthermore, nice speech, interesting videos, dramatic style, energetic explanations etc delivered by the motivator! Congrates sir!

From 9am [10Mei] 1.30pm[12Mei] speech and explanation almost fully English. Just sometime only, the speaker speak Malay 😉 great! I learned n encourage my grammers =D [LIKE]

Last but not least, insyaallah I’ll share to my  TEAM, my members, adapt all the knowledge n all the experiences that I learned  in SPIES ADVANCE. Pen off with lets SPIES Up your LIFE!! [pray HARD+work SMART]