bermula hr isnin-sls kursus.. bersmbung khamis-jumaat. begitulah sebelah mlmnye, berderet juge meetgs.

makin hari makin bertmbh tugasan, memikul tggjwb, bertmbh segala homework, misi dan KPI yg harus dilepasi. iyeaahhhh ss perlu show the super SS 😉 hehee.. insyaallah kudahagakan doa-doa dr semua insan yg terdekat dan apetah lg sahabat seantero yg jauh nun khususan di bumi ambia’… mohon munajat buat ss ya…ameen!

* sharing the info in workshop on monday-tuesday. 😉

The Four Temperaments

Sometimes, it seems like everyone at work is speaking a different language; and, in essence, they are. Below are the personal mantras and distinguishable traits of each temperament:

Sanguine – “Let’s do it the fun way”: The easiest way to spot a sanguine is to walk into the break room. Notice how certain employees are always entertaining their coworkers with their outlandish stories and booming voices? Most likely, these professionals – who certainly possess a flair for the dramatic – fall into the sanguine category.

Choleric – “Let’s do it my way”: With their “go-getter” attitudes and abilities to accomplish more than their colleagues in less time, cholerics often serve in leadership roles. Although some might consider them bossy, cholerics are marked by their fast-moving approach and unbreakable self-confidence.

Phlegmatic – “Let’s do it the easy way”: These lackadaisical, “go-with-the-flow” individuals tend to be popular with both their coworkers and bosses. Not ones to make waves, phelgmatics prefer a work environment that is both low stress and conflict-free. In the office, phlegmatics are valuable for their skill at mediating between contentious coworkers and objectively solving problems.

Melancholy – “Let’s do it the right way”: Call them anal-retentive; call them nitpicky. Either way, the melancholy gets the job done – and does it right. Characterized by their strong, sensitive natures and desires to attain perfection, melancholies are extremely organized and tend to set long-range goals..


Julai bakal muncul bbrp hari lagi. misi dan KPI perlu disettlekan! ayuhhh, ss be FOKUS. be efficient! ready…get set…go ! go ! go !

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

– Helen Keller