06092011- register master @ PPS.UKM. alhamdulillah, evertin going smoothly.next, listen to the faculty briefing @ FSSk. master & phd research + coursework. meet our team part time sc develpmt. 5 person today. keep in touch via exchange hp number. by2.30pm, togeter find the lab to add the subjects. then we meet some lecturers to nego the time table ;0

what is different between master ful time n part time? aiyaa.. y mix the klass? fuhh, bikin trouble to all. we wanna future part time bcoz we keje. if not of course FULLtime  lah. huhu. no speciality to the part time. emmm perlu diUsulkn kelak to PPS and get knows the details.

end by4.30pm all the proses..drive back.

   9/9/2011 , 2nd time went to ukm..before that breakfast with Wan ;0 uh, not guy ya.. female 😉 full hall. we seat on the stairs.. bla..bla.. end by12pm. meet geng Nisa’ Hulu Langat.. also Nisa’ Serdang UKK team :0 jawsss.. end of the session..exit the hall meet one more our geng purple..which she put her name princess ant/ant princess 🙂 sabo je laa ek. beTabah aje bace ni.. we lunch togeter @ restoran hijau.. malas nk sbut nama ia..hahaha.. suke hati lah xnk sbut. yg pasti somewhere in front of PKNs.. hehe..find lah ye 🙂

back to bsp by2pm.uh, i cant enter the gate coz must gv all the muslim going out 1st. aiyaa.. while waiting almost 15-20 minutes..i go to vista..visit n raya to sakinah’s house, my exHousemate. nice house.. nice touch 😉 thanks dik..serve me milk ..hihi.

we hv some convers about hot issues.. CLEAn.RM.PM and many things lah. she law student ;0 so, we exchange the info lah 😉 then, sms to our ustzh/mak long.. nk dtg beraya ni.. trit..trit..ok..dtg lah. yeah. we togeter walk to the house. wah…mcm-mcm cite mak long kt kami. hehe.. she serve the mee kuah.. 😉 bla..bla.. by7pm we move back.

thanks to mak long n sakinah 😉 also to my freenn miss  ant + miss Wan =D. insyaallah hari Jumaat yg indah lg bahagia.. dpt info yg byk! syukur lillah..the word i will remember in that hall G.O.T – graduate on TIME. insyaallah pray HARD + work SMARt!. gambate kundasai ss !! mohon doakn utk ss dmudhkn urusn…ameeennn. will get the Msc. of Sc Development soon…ameen ya rab!